Justin Bieber Earns Turkish Fans’ Respect by Stopping Show for Muslim Prayer Calls – Twice!

Laura Ferreiro
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By Laura Ferreiro

Justin Bieber made thousands of Turkish fans into Beliebers when he stopped his concert in Turkey to honor the Azan, or the Muslim call to prayer, on Thursday.

Also known as the Adhan, the prayer call is traditionally observed by Muslims five times a day, including just after sunset and later in the evening, before bedtime.

According to E!, Bieber's Turkish fans were "shocked and delighted" at when he halted the show at Istanbul's ITU Stadium, and thanked him for being "respectful" and a "great man." Other fans took to Twitter to praise his "good manners" and pointed out that many Muslim performers don't go to such great lengths.

“Good manners are always appreciated.” --@MoAnsar

"Arab artists DON'T stop there shows...Go Justin." --@maysoonzayid

"My respect for Justin Bieber has increased dramatically." --@Relytsikcaj

"Apparently, Justin Bieber paused his concert in Turkey twice out of respect for the athan. Muslim artists dont do that. I'm impressed biebs!" --@Abou_Charlie

Bieber's tour is scheduled to hit Dubai on Saturday and Sunday. The 19-year-old pop star will then head to South Africa for a couple of dates before returning to the United States for several arena shows this summer.