Justin Bieber Continues Performance After Losing Power At Apollo

Billy Johnson, Jr.
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Justin Bieber's Monday night concert at New York's historic Apollo Theater would have been perfect for those who hate his cheesy bubblegum pop songs. Near the end of his set, he lost power and had to perform a capella and without a microphone, according to the Associated Press.

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"The trucks are down. We can't get the music back up," Bieber screamed to the crowd. "But I'm going to sing it, and I need everyone to sing along with me."

Bieber's fans were not phased by the major technical glitch. They cheered him on and excitedly joined him in singing his song "Boyfriend" as he and his dancers worked through the choreography.

Bieber reportedly played the drums and had the crowd sing happy birthday to his manager Scooter Braun.

A fan who posted video from the show on YouTube didn't mention problem in her caption. "I was in the first row and Justin took the funniest picture of us," JDBieberislife wrote. "The concert was amazing and really bought everyone in there together as a family! Sooooo many things happened. THE MOST UNFORGETTABLE CONCERT EVER and I think Justin and the whole team agree :)."

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Natalie Flowers, a rep for the Apollo, said she was impressed how Bieber handled the situation that lasted for 40 minutes. "He could have stopped; he could have not gone on and said, 'I did everything.' But he came back on," she told AP.

Braun said the singer's response was reflective of his professionalism. "Every step of the way he's been doubted," he told AP. "He is a great artist and entertainer and tonight he showed that."

Bieber is fortunate that an otherwise disastrous event has turned into such a great publicity opportunity for the release date of his third album, "Believe."

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