Justin Bieber cleared of hitting photographer with his Ferrari

North Stars

Justin Bieber has been cleared of hitting a photographer with his Ferrari, but he seems to attract car trouble wherever he goes.

The Canadian "Boyfriend" singer allegedly hit a paparazzo on Sunset Boulevard Monday night and appeared to flee the scene of the crime, but police eventually put the blame on the photographer for jaywalking, TMZ reports.

Bieber reportedly wasn't aware he had hit anyone as he left the Laugh Factory with BFF Lil Twist in tow. According to TMZ, the Biebs motioned for the paps to move out of his way as he got into his car. He then inadvertently (according to him) pinned one of the photographers between his car and a parked one when he drove off.

Police claim the pap was not seriously injured, but they still interviewed the Biebs, his reps, and witnesses before clearing the 19-year-old pop star.

The incident comes only three weeks after Bieber was reportedly proven not to have been behind the wheel of his Ferrari after being accused of driving recklessly by pro footballer Keyshawn Johnson (one of his neighbors). Police referred to security video from the London native's home taken on Memorial Day that appeared to prove rapper Tyler, the Creator (who also claimed responsibility), was the one driving through the pop star's neighborhood, reportedly at "breakneck speeds."

Five months before that, a photographer named Chris Guerra was killed while pursuing Bieber's car. Though the musician was not in the car at the time (a friend had reportedly borrowed it), the photographer was hit while crossing the street to get a photo of the automobile.

But Bieber was behind the wheel in November 2012 when he was pulled over for making an unsafe turn and driving with an expired registration. He was also driving in July 2012 when L.A. cops reportedly gave him a ticket for speeding at 160 km/h in a 105 km/h zone. Though Bieber claimed he was trying to lose a group of paps, L.A. City Councilman Dennis Zine called the singer's driving "reckless" and "careless."

And that's not all. While driving his Batmobile in December 2011, Bieber got a warning for making an unsafe turn only two months after he was chastised for cutting off a cop.

Considering the pop star only got his license in 2010, we wonder if this is some kind of record.

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