Justin Bieber Was Almost Named…Something Else!

Wendy Geller
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It's hard to imagine Justin Bieber as anything but Justin Bieber--the sweet-faced teen heartthrob whom even your grandmother probably thinks is a "such a nice boy." However, in an exclusive interview with Ryan Seacrest this week, Bieber sits down with his mom to reveal that he actually has a history of being, well, a pretty awful kid.

Bieber's mom, Pattie Mallette, confirmed to Seacrest that her son was "not easy" and was, in fact, suspended from school frequently.

"Every year," she notes. "He got kicked out of class."

Lest one assume Bieber started this troublesome streak in his teen years, let's get the record straight--the superstar started his history of being booted from his classroom at a tender age."The first day of school, in first grade, I started making armpit fart noises in class," he told Seacrest. His mom confirmed: "It's a true story." But, as she adds, he was "adorable" regardless. (Let's hope so...)

That wasn't the only shocking thing Bieber and his mother revealed in the interview. Think you know Justin? You really don't know Justin. In fact--he almost wasn't even named "Justin"!

"I called him Jesse the whole pregnancy," Mallette confessed. "And then, once he was born, I was like, 'No, he doesn't look like a Jesse."

Bieber, for one, is relieved his mom changed her mind. "I feel that I'm not a Jesse," he told Seacrest. "That would have been weird."

The interview, which will air in full Thursday on NBC's Today, didn't just focus on Bieber's cutups and near-misses with baby names. The singer also got serious with Seacrest, talking about how he doesn't want to be "just another teen heartthrob" and also praising Mallette for her sacrifices raising him as a teenage single mother.

Both Bieber and Mallette have entered the literary world; with Bieber's book Justin Bieber: Just Getting Started out this Thursday, and Mallette's book Nowhere But Up: The Story of Justin Bieber's Mom to be released soon.


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