Journey, Framed

John Kordosh
Framed (NEW)

Well, we had an excellent week off, readers. You'll remember we took some time to drink lots of beer and listen to Naked Raygun and Smoking Popes records... and, damn, we feel refreshed!

We even listened to the Aluminum Group! How cool are we?

Plus, we must've drank, like — seriously! — 13 or 14 beers last week. What a binge it was!

Furthermore, Smoking Popes' first two records seriously rock! Agree or disagree?

Anyway, we're back and — hopefully — better than ever! This week we're bringing in Journey, the great '80s band who rendered a massive service to musicdom with their brand of progressive arena rock, the kind everybody likes.

Seriously, who could replace them in our cultural history? The Aluminum Group?

We don't think so!

Anyway, kick back and enjoy our video and this week's captions. The tune is "Why Can't This Night Go On Forever," the 1987 semi-hit that, luckily for us, features Randy Jackson on bass guitar. We mean, talk about Caption City!

We'll be back next week, probably with the Aluminum Group! Be here!

1 — "This bird don't fly until Lionel Richie says it flies."

2 — "Dave! Hey, man! Still no pants, huh?"

3 — "I didn't say, 'Pitchy, dawg,' I said 'Bitchy, blog.' And, no, I have idea what I meant in either case."

4 — "You're not writing a caption, are you? I've been around the block!"

5 — "I wonder. If we could stop Steve from primping, might our shows be more timely?"

6 — "This splendid coat will give me power enow to defeat Gummo and Mxyzptlk! Everything's comin' up Steve!"

7 — Many were excited to see the opening act, and their frontman, Willie Mays!

8 — And, after the show, what say we read Kafka aloud? In the original German! And then talk about it!"

9 — "Well, frankly, Steven, I think your little joke about me being Cleavage Girl is a bit demeaning."

10 — "Dude! Incorporating the Easy Bake oven into our sound will put us over the top!"

11 — Suddenly, all the musicians realized that their gigs on Jupiter would require Herculean strength! But too late!

12 — "I'd puke, too, had that been my show."