Journalist Who Streaked On Rihanna’s 777 Tour Jet Explains Actions

Billy Johnson Jr.
Hip-Hop Media Training


Timothy Dormer, who streaked across Rihanna’s 777 Tour plane Monday, said he got the urge to disrobe because he was feeling reckless.

“I was just in the bathroom and was like, ‘Hell it’s 3 a.m. and we’re on an airplane, and have been flying for ages,” the British radio and TV host told Yahoo! “Plus, I have a massivecrush on Sydney, one of the air hostesses.”

Rihanna has not responded tothe incident that has sparked a flurry of news reports. Dormer said he wascareful not to invade Rihanna’s area of the plane.

“I thought about doing itthe long way and going all the way down to the first class section, but thoughther security is going to take me out, and it’s going to get ugly,” he said.

Though Dormer’s obscenegesture drew mostly cheers from the media and contest winners in attendance, itwas preceded by a peaceful protest. Journalists upset that Rihanna had not heldany of the press conferences promised by her label, chanted, “Just one quote,”“Occupy 777” and “I Need A Headline.”

Journalists are especiallyupset because of the tour’s demanding schedule. In addition to the dailyflights to the different countries, the 777 Tour travelers also spend an extrathree to five hours sitting on the runway before departure, in the airport baggageclaim area and customs.  

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