Joss Stone Murder Conspiracy Trial Turns Up Dual Guilty Verdicts

Wendy Geller
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After nearly two years, the pair of men who were arrested in 2011 on charges of conspiracy to rob and murder singer Joss Stone have been found guilty by a British court.

Kevin Liverpool, 35, and Junior Bradshaw, 32, both received unanimous guilty verdicts in the Exeter Crown Court--a decision that took the jury only a reported 4 hours to reach. Liverpool was sentenced to life imprisonment with a minimum 10 years in jail. Bradshaw's sentence was adjourned until a later date.

Both men denied the charges against them when the trial began last month. The jury was informed by prosecution that the pair had driven from their hometown of Manchester to Stone's neighborhood armed with weapons; as well as notes stating their intentions to decapitate the singer and dispose of her body in a river. They were reported to police by suspicious neighbors and subsequently apprehended.

Apparently, the would-be killers' motive was linked to a disapproval of Stone's proximity to the Royal Family--she is friends with Prince William and was invited to his wedding to Kate Middleton in 2011.

Stone was not present at court; however, her mother, Wendy, was there for the guilty sentencing. An eyewitness for BBC News reported she looked "relieved."

The Grammy-winning artist did note in a statement that she is happy the ordeal is over. "I am relieved the trial is now over and that these men are no longer in a position to cause harm to anyone," she said.