Joshua Ledet Debuts New Retro-Soul Song

Lyndsey Parker
Reality Rocks (New)August 30, 2012

Joshua Ledet, the man(tasia) who earned the most standing ovations in "American Idol" history during his Season 11 run--and for a while seemed like the man(tasia) to beat, before stalling in third place--premiered a new original song, "Sound Of A Heart Breaking," at a live-streamed iHeartRadio concert in New York Wednesday night. Well, I don't know about hearts breaking, but this sure is the sound of a mouth singing awesomely, to me:

While I am a little concerned about how Joshua's throwback soul sound will fit into today's more hip-hop-dominated, heavily Auto-Tuned pop market, there's absolutely no denying that this style fits Joshua as perfectly as one of his famous tailored suits. And he sang the hell out of it. If radio dares to play this (and radio SHOULD play it), expect a lot of car stereo speakers to explode and windshields to shatter when he hits that crazy note around 3:18.

What do you think of Joshua's new song? Is this the right direction for him? Let me know.

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