Jesse McCartney Takes Over Yahoo! Music Instagram, Noms on Dunkin' Donuts and Street Gyros

Stop The Presses!

Singer Jesse McCartney got his pop star paws on the password to our official Instagram account (@YahooMusic) on Wednesday, August 14. He used the social outlet to log all the highlights of the colorful press tour adventure he had in New York City that day.

The NY native's itinerary was jam packed with on-camera appearances for the premiere of his new single "Back Together." He started his day with a visit to The Today Show. After a super-early soundcheck tuckered him out, he made a pit stop at East Coast breakfast staple Dunkin' Donuts for some fuel.

Jesse chugged some creamy iced coffee before making his way to New York top-40 station Z100! He delivered some acoustic croons on-air with guitarists Jaco Caraco and Darwin Johnson. After his moment in the studio was over, he whisked away to local morning show Pix 11 Morning News to talk "Back Together" and looked all kinds of dapper in a navy cardigan.

Once his travels had ended, he rewarded his hard work with another nommy, low-maintenance food choice - a hot, fresh NY gyro. To him, "nothin' beats" the ones you'll find in the Big Apple.

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