Jennifer Lopez Pulls an Angelina Jolie on Grammys Red Carpet

Stop The Presses!

Jennifer Lopez took a page out of Angelina Jolie's 2012 Academy Awards style, allowing her to "leg pop" while posing on the red carpet. Lopez rocked the red carpet Sunday night in a black Anthony Vaccarello gown, which bared her left arm and featured a very high slit that put her right leg on display.

"This is on the cusp of pushing the limits," E!'s Ryan Seacrest warned. "They were concerned about flesh, they sent out a memo to artists."

Lopez, whose most famous fashion moment happened at the Grammys 12 years ago in 2000, feigned ignorance to the guidelines. "They didn't say anything about leg! I thought I was being such a good girl!"

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Perhaps referencing her 2000 green Versace gown, which plunged below her navel and left little to the imagination, she defended this year's fashion choice by claiming all she was displaying was "a little shoulder, a little leg!"

With so much skin on display, Seacrest teased his former "American Idol" coworker about angering the CBS standards and practice department. "Do you think that's what they intended?"

"I think they intended to not have what they said," Lopez replied, maintaining her innocence. "They mentioned things that I don't say around my house for my children. It's crazy."

Lopez is in attendance to present at the 55th Annual Grammy Awards on Sunday night. Lopez's famous 2000 Grammys look was voted the fifth most iconic dress of all time, and is currently on display at The Grammy Museum in Los Angeles.