Jedward Get Serious in “Young Love” Video

Lyndsey Parker
Reality Rocks (New)

Wacky "X Factor U.K." wondertwins (and my personal undying/unhealthy obsession), the magnificent Jedward, are known for cavorting with B-list BFF Tara Reid, suiting up in silver cyborg Eurovision costumes, and stiffly gelling their hair into pointy peaks that resemble Gumby's slanted head. All of which makes them extremely awesome, of course. But in the low-key video for the ballad-y title track off their third album Young Love, out next week, John and Edward Grimes surprisingly get a little serious.

I do admit that I kind of miss what can only be described as the usual Jedwardian antics of this fantastically spastic dynamic duo. Where are their spacesuits? Where's Tara Reid? Where's Vanilla Ice? Where's their industrial-strength hair mousse? But perhaps this makeunder is all part of the double divas of Dublin's genius master plan to finally become worldwide (and Stateside) superstars. With another "X Factor"-spawned boy band, One Direction, currently ruling the planet, it is now time for Planet Jedward to fully take over. And "Young Love" just might be the song and video to make that happen.

Do you love "Young Love"? Check it out and let me know.

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