Jay-Z Makes Comical Cameo In Duracell Powermat Commercial

Billy Johnson, Jr.
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The creatives at Duracell Powermat got jokes.

Jay-Z makes a hilarious cameo appearance in a new commercial promoting the Duracell Powermat 24 Hour Power System, a portable device that allows users to charge their smartphones while on-the-go.

Part of the one-minute ad was taped at Jay's New York 40/40 Club, the first venue to feature the product's wireless hot spots. 40/40 Club patrons with Powermat smartphone cases can use the hot spot mats to charge their phones.

In the commercial, Jay-Z has a mixup with a customer. Both Jay and the patron are using the same hotspot mat, and their identical phones are side-by-side. When Jay's phone rings, the young unassuming businessman picks it up by mistake. He doesn't recognize the incoming call from someone labeled as "B." A perturbed Jay arrives to retrieve to call from his wife, fellow superstar Beyonce.

Jay-Z isn't just a spokesperson for the technology, he's an investor in the company. "In today's society our mobile devices have become essential tools in business, entertainment and managing our social lives," Shawn "Jay-Z" Carter said. "Duracell Powermat has recognized a real need in today's world. The '24 Hour Power System' is a way to keep connected without the worry of losing battery life. Being able to charge wirelessly is a necessary step into the future and Duracell Powermat is leading the way."

Ron Rabinowitz, Duracell Powermat CEO, said teaming with the "Empire State Of Mind" rapper was an obvious choice. "We chose Jay-Z because he represents power. His music speaks to an entire generation," he said. Rabinowtiz added he was impressed with Jay-Z's ideas which helped shape the marketing and direction of the product.

Duracell Powermat, a partnership between Duracell and Powermat, is in talks to have the mats placed in Madison Square Garden, Delta Sky Club, Westfield Garden State Plaza and in the 2013 Chevy Volt.

The Powermat is available at select major retailers in New York and online. National distribution in retail outlets is slated for the fall.

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