Jamie N Commons: He Rumbles, He Sways, He Sings

Dave DiMartino
The New Now (NEW)

A young Brit with a remarkably aged and soulful voice, Jamie N Commons already is building an international buzz. That his track “Lead Me Home” was recently an integral part of the Walking Dead TV show is not a small matter, nor the fact that it is the opening the track of that popular show’s newly released soundtrack. But between that window of exposure and his surprisingly rich Interscope debut EP Rumble And Sway, Commons seems to be at the very beginning of a musical career likely to be long and fruitful.

Born in Bristol, England, but raised in Chicago—for many, the home of a specific kind of blues—Commons had a fruitful musical childhood, thanks to a father who took him to shows by Neil Young and the Allman Brothers, his teaching himself guitar, and a voice that simply wouldn’t stop getting bigger and bigger.

Back in the UK, Commons eventually signed a deal with producer Alex Da Kid’s KIDinaKORNER label, which brought forth Rumble And Sway—a package that brings to mind American influences Tom Waits & JJ Cale, but throws in some extra-sharp production techniques that merges the old and new in a distinctly different way, and one likely to bring in many different generations of fans.

The very first of Y! Music’s sessions at South By Southwest this year, Jamie N Commons gave us a taste of some very sophisticated and soulful music at a very early morning hour. We can’t wait to see what’s coming from him next.