Instagram Warns Madonna To Play By The Rules, Or Else

Wendy Geller
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When it comes to social media, it turns out nobody is above the rules, not even pop-culture behemoth Madonna. The superstar, who recently joined photo-sharing platform Instagram, was scolded by the company over the weekend for apparently violating its community guidelines.

Madonna posted a screenshot Saturday of the warning she received, which begins “Dear Madonna,” and asks that she review their rules or risk deactivation of her account.

It’s not specified what rule she broke--but a likely culprit may be the “don’t share photos that aren’t yours” stipulation. The singer has two photos of Mexican artist Frida Kahlo on her account that she—obviously—did not take (Kahlo died four years before Madonna was born).

However, there’s also the “no nudity or mature content” rule. Madonna features a couple of photos that are slightly beyond the G-rating; including one focusing on her rear end and one on her cleavage. Nothing too shocking, but as Instagram explains, this is supposed to be a “safe and fun place for everyone.”

As of posting, Madonna does not appear to have removed any photos. She currently has more than 170K Instagram followers.


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