‘American Idol’ Top 10 Results: Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

Lyndsey Parker
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Perhaps not since "Felicity" has a drastic TV hair makeover backfired so spectacularly.

This week, Erika Van Pelt took new in-house "American Idol" stylist Tommy Hilfiger's advice to chop her wavy blonde bob into a severe jet-black crop, in an attempt to edge herself up--and, hopefully, give herself an edge in the competition. But I bet Erika is wishing she'd taken a cue from the more stubborn Elise Testone (who was safe this week, for once) and Phillip Phillips, and just stuck to her own style. Because despite her makeover, or maybe because of it, Erika went home in 10th place, and in tears, this week.

It certainly wasn't a lack of talent that caused Erika's downfall. It could easily be argued that of the three contestants up for elimination this week (Erika, along with Deandre Brackensick and "Idol" class clown Heejun Han, whom Jimmy Iovine disparagingly called a "stunt gone wrong"), Erika was the strongest vocalist by far. It may be a bit too much to blame EVP's elimination entirely on Hilfiger (after all, she'd been on the chopping block twice as a blonde), but obviously, Erika's new look didn't win her many new fans.

Aside from Erika, the other big brunette newsmaker of the night was surprise guest Joe Perry, who showed up with axe in hand to serenade his old Aerosmith bandmate Steven Tyler with "Happy Birthday." (And then Joe temporarily sat on the "Idol" panel, warming Kara DioGuardi's old seat, which was just about the most rockin' thing I'd seen on "Idol" since Iggy Pop was the musical guest.) This time the tears on the set were happy ones, as Steven got all verklempt. Aw.

Well, at least Erika walked way from "Idol" with that special memory. But why do I think she'll be walking straight to the salon for some hair extensions before this summer's Idols Live Tour?

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