Idol Deandre Brackensick Drops the “Brackensick,” Drops Debut Single

Lyndsey Parker
Reality Rocks (New)

It took him a while, but Deandre Brackensick, the corkscrew-curled young man with an old soul from "American Idol" Season 11, has finally released his debut single.

Released on startup label Truth Records under the singular stage name Deandre (yep, that's right, no more "Brackensick"),"Her Crazy" is a fun summertime jam that could easily be mistaken for a Maroon 5 track. (Seriously, close your eyes, listen, and it'll be almost impossible to not envision a shirtless Adam Levine.) There's a little bit of reggae lilt that made one of Deandre's best "Idol" performances, "Master Blaster," so memorable, and of course, there is falsetto.

Have a listen:

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