Ice Cube Slams Politicans, Legal System On “Everythang’s Corrupt”

Billy Johnson, Jr.
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Ice Cube is fed up.

On his new single, "Everythang's Corrupt," the veteran MC takes aim at many of the most sensationalistic news headlines from the last five years.The video directed by T.S. Pfeffer and Robert McHugh, features clips of convicted child molester Jerry Sandusky, slain terrorist Osama bin Laden, police brutality and presidential candidates among others as he rhymes "everythang's corrupt, everythang's f—ked up, everythang's about a buck, we sh-t out of luck."

In one verse, Ice Cube raps that the economy is so bad some would rather be incarcerated: "I'm sick of being ignored. This world I can't afford. I'm going to the pen, free room, free board."

The song that features Rage Against The Machine guitarist Tom Morello was released in time for the presidential face-off. "With the election so close, it's time to put down the club/booty music and talk about real issues," Ice Cube said in a statement. "'Everythang's Corrupt' is a sign of the time song that highlights the ills of today's society. I pride myself on delivering street knowledge. This song and video is no exception.'"

"Everythang's Corrupt," a throwback to Ice Cube's late '80s and early '90s politically charged work, is the title track from Ice Cube's new album, due out in Spring 2013.

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