Ice Cube Responds To ‘It Was A Good Day’ Mystery And ‘Beep From Kim’ Lyric

Billy Johnson, Jr.
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Is Ice Cube's classic song "It Was A Good Day" based on January 20, 1992 as Donovan Strain suggested on a post Friday on his Murk Avenue blog?

Maybe not.

The West Coast vet responded, "Nice try," when his publicist posed to him the question.

Cube's rep stressed to Hip Hop Media Training that his response was neither a denial nor confirmation of the mystery.

Strain based his National Good Day Day theory on key clues that aligned on the same day. Yo! MTV Raps was still airing. The song was released in February 1993, after the speculated January 1992 date. The Lakers beat the Super Sonics. Ice Cube received a "beep from Kim," a reference to a girl he had been trying to "f—k since the 12th grade" and the use of the paging technology.

Another blogger, however, used the song's "beep from Kim" line to debunk Strain's hypothesis. In the post, "Correction To Murk Avenue: Ice Cube's 'Good Day' Really Was Nov. 30, 1988," the writer pointed out that Ice Cube would not be surprised to get a call from Kim on January 20, 1992 because he was already in a relationship with her by that time.

I'm loving this exchange.

I just have one small bit of research to contribute.

In a 2010 interview with Ice Cube, he confirmed to me that the Kim he is referring to in "It Was A Good Day" is indeed his wife and that she has been down with him since 1989.

HEAR: Ice Cube explain 'beep from Kim' lyric at 6:40 mark

So, I'd have to agree with the "Correction to Murk Avenue" blog that the January 20, 1992 guess is wrong. Whether or it the song is based on November 30, 1988 is another story. I don't think it's based on one particular day.

WATCH Ice Cube's "It Was A Good Day" video below: