How to DIY Your Own Pharrell Grammys Hat

Tiffany Lee
Yahoo Music

Not since Jamiroquai's giant fuzzy hat or Slash's ever-present top hat has a chapeau made such huge headlines in recent music history. Another glitzy Grammy Awards ceremony has passed, but it was Pharrell's oversized hat that stole headlines from winners and performers alike.

Watch the video above to learn how you can make some of that Pharrell hat magic for yourselves!

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Rumors were flying left and right all over Twitter Sunday night as to the origins of Pharrell's odd farmer-y hat. Swarms of memes were made using comparisons to Smokey the Bear, Toy Story's Woody, the Arby's cowboy hat logo, among tons of others. But the real story is, sadly, not at all as funny as we would hope.

Turns out the hat has a history in hip-hop, appearing in a video for an early '80s collaboration between Sex Pistols manager Malcolm Mclauren and the hip-hop outfit the World's Famous Supreme Team. Their biggest hit was "Buffalo Gals" (a song that the intro to Emimen's "Without Me" nods to), and the video featured the voluminous hats on most of the people shown. Two people in the video are even wearing the hat paired with white and red striped track jackets similar to Pharrell's Grammys look.

In the photo above, you can see Malcolm McLauren (center) with the World's Famous Supreme Team wearing hats and clothing from Vivienne Westwood's 'Buffalo' collection in 1983. Westwood designed and sold clothes in McLauren's legendary boutique named "Sex," where '70s and '80s punk luminaries loitered about.

So Pharrell was merely giving homage to a cool moment in music history. Interesting? Quite. Funny? Not really. But nonetheless, Pharrell Williams will be riding the Grammy's hat wave for a good long while.

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