Hoobastank, Framed

John Kordosh
Framed (NEW)

Good day to you, readers, and thanks for looking in. Framed is the only blog that entertains you at every level of your consciousness, so you've made a good choice.

This week our video feature is courtesy of Hoobastank, the great SoCal combo that took the world by storm about a decade ago with their big hit, "The Reason." We'll examine the video and make many germane, if oblique, comments through our captions, all of which are copyright protected.

The song seems to be about regret -- we invite you to check out lyricinterpretations.com -- but the video is about a carefully-staged heist of a valuable gem. It's like a mini Ocean's Eleven. In the vid, the band fakes an accident, drawing a crowd and allowing them to pull off their chicanery.

We were also going to tell you how the band got its name, but, once we heard the story, we thought it was kind of boring. Instead, we ask you to enjoy the video and our captions, and invite you to tune into Framed again next week.

1 -- Sleeping during Hoobastank videos is not only acceptable, it's unavoidable.

2 -- Collectively, they spelled out an easy solution to global warming, but -- and this is ironic -- it was in bird language!

3 -- "No wonder I can't get a date!"

4 -- "We can't be sure, but I think he was trying to move that great big rubber tree plant. "

5 -- "Marty's still trapped in the future? Great scott!"

6 -- "Dude, check it out. This drumstick is, like, totally straight. It's geometrically perfect or something."

7 -- "I'd better register to vote later."

8 -- "Hogan and his men must not escape? Jawohl, mein Fuhrer!"

9 -- "Yes. I left the toilet seat up again."

10 -- The opening act was OK, but Hoobastank.

11 -- "You mean all the other band names were already taken?"

12 -- "It's almost as if those birds are trying to tell us something."