Hip-Hop Songs That Mention The Super Bowl

Robert of the Radish
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The energy at Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis, Indiana tonight at around 6:30 will be electrifying as the New England Patriots face the New York Giants in Super Bowl XLVI. Viewership for the Super Bowl is astronomical. Last year, Super Bowl XLV broke the record for the total number of U.S. viewers with an audience of over 111 million people. It was the most the most watched television broadcast of any kind in U.S. history.

Yep, the super bowl is a big deal.

A really big deal.

People who don't even follow football tend to watch the Super Bowl because of the excitement wrapped up in the event. Super Bowl Sunday has become an unofficial American holiday with Super Bowl parties happening on every block, and screams of delight, or agony, ringing out whenever a great play happens.

The Super Bowl's incredible influence has not gone unnoticed among songwriters. For this playlist I've pulled together 10 hip-hop tracks that mention the Super Bowl by name.

Who are you you rooting for today?

Hip-Hop Songs That Mention The Super Bowl

1. Call Up The Homies  featuring The Game, Willy Northpole - Ludacris

2. Jump - Flo Rida

3. Like It Like That - A Tribe Called Quest

4. Careful (Click, Click) - Wu-Tang Clan

5. Super Bowl Night - L Producto

6. Just A Touch - Paul Wall

7. Super Bowl Big - 8Ball

8. Super Bowl Sundae - Ozomatli

9. SuperBowl - T. Cash

10. SuperBowl (Chopped & Screwed) - 24/7 Hustlaz

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