Hip-Hop At Bonnaroo 2011

Robert of the Radish
Music Fests

Bonnaroo 2011 winds down today and this year's artist lineup was as diverse as ever. Rock, funk, R&B, gospel, country, bluegrass, indie, electronica, comedy, Americana and hip-hop were all represented. Out of the 175 acts who performed at the festival this year, nine were hip-hop acts. That makes Bonnaroo 2011 5.14% hip-hop. I'll leave it up to you to decide if that's a good representation. But of these nine acts, three headlining mega name rappers were included this year -- Eminem (who had top billing for the event), Lil Wayne and Big Boi. But there were other recognizable names who performed, as well as some that may be new to you. If you're a hip-hop fan, these are the acts you would have heard at 2011's Bonnaroo festival.

Hip-Hop At Bonnaroo 2011

1. Not Afraid - Eminem

2. How to Love - Lil Wayne

3. Shutterbugg - Big Boi

4. Opposite Of Adults - Chiddy Bang

5. Cappuccino - The Knux

6. Judgement - DJ KrAz

7. One Time - DJ Logic

8. Dope.Fly.Fresh Feat. Boss Of Nova - Chancellor Warhol

9. Roll Up - Wiz Khalifa

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