Which Hip Hop Artists Needed an Intervention in 2013?

Billy Johnson, Jr.
Yahoo Music

This year was full of wild moments in hip hop. But who should be crowned king or queen of controversy?

Miley Cyrus' twerking antics kept her in the headlines. Gucci Mane became a trending topic on Twitter after going on a tirade, and rumors of Lil Wayne's sizzurp consumption got out of control.

The three artists have been nominated for The Aftermath's Ice Cube and Das Efx "Check Yo Self (Before You Wreck Yo Self)" Award.

Co-hosts Billy Johnson Jr. and Soren Baker are joined by Andres Tardio, HipHopDX senior news writer, and discuss the nominees for this year-end category.

Which artist do you think is in most need of an intervention?

Video and editing: Robert Gardner

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