Which Hip Hop Artist Made the Best Comeback in 2013?

Billy Johnson, Jr.
Yahoo Music

There were a few highly anticipated returns this year. Do you have a favorite?

Without a doubt, many hip hop fans longed for the members of Three 6 Mafia to reunite, and five of the six members regrouped this year to form Da Mafia 6ix and to record the album, "6ix Commandments."

Unfortunately, a month after the November release of "6ix Commandments," Ricky "Lord Infamous" Dunigan died of a heart attack.

Three 6 alum Gangsta Boo told Yahoo Music that Lord Infamous was instrumental in getting the group back together. "He will be missed bad, but we will finish what he started, just how he would want it," she said. "He was happy we was back together. It was his idea, and he played a major part in my life."

The year also welcomed back Justin Timberlake with the top selling, two-part "The 20/20 Experience" album, and Eminem's "The Marshall Mathers LP 2," a sequel to 2001's "The Marshall Mathers LP."

The three albums are nominated for The Aftermath's LL Cool J "Don't Call it a Comeback" Award.

Watch the Aftermath co-hosts Billy Johnson Jr. and Soren Baker and special guest Andres Tardio, HipHopDX senior news writer, discuss why the nominees made the cut.

Who do you think made the best comeback?

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