Herbie Hancock Makes Music Video Using 1,800 Fan Photos

Billy Johnson, Jr.
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Herbie Hancock still knows how to "Rockit."

Nearly 30 years after releasing his classic, technically advanced video for "Rockit" that took home the best instrumental performance Grammy and the best concept video MTV award, the jazz legend returns with another cutting-edge clip sure to be lauded for its innovation.

Watch Herbie Hancock's classic video "Rockit"

Monday, Yahoo! Music premieres the first look at Hancock's new live performance video for his 1970's classic "Chameleon." On Tuesday, the video will also be screened at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) Conference in Las Vegas.

When Hancock played the song at Canon's "Legends In Imaging" event in October, attendees photographed the show with Canon digital cameras. Eighteen hundred of those 85,000 crowd-sourced pictures were printed using Canon's PIXMA PRO-1 Inkjet printer and used to create a stop-motion-style music video.

The video captures the venue's set up, Hancock's arrival, and the musician taking the stage with his band. Hancock, who studied electrical engineering in college before changing his major to music composition, said he was immediately on board when Canon approached him about teaming up to make a music video.

"The way of doing it is very much in keeping with the current social media concepts, in this case where your audience creates the content for the video," Hancock told Yahoo! Music. "To me, that's a pretty innovative idea. They all contribute to the content because they're shooting. They are not shooting the video, but they are like shooting film. It's a pretty exciting concept."