Heavy Metal Songs About Norse Gods

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There is a whole sub-genre of black metal called Viking metal. It's dark, noisy, and draws heavily on Norse mythology. Vikings have always been a fascinating part of history for me, and the recent History channel original series Vikings has piqued the interest of many. But heavy metal musicians were deep into Viking culture long before the History channel decided to make them cool again. This marriage makes sense in a way, after all, Vikings had a reputation for being dangerous and brutal.

Viking metal was born in the 1980s when the Viking themes caught fire among the black and death metal set. It has remained a small, but dedicated sub-genre ever since.

This unique sub-genre revived my interest in Norse mythology and I started searching for metal songs about specific Norse gods.

While Viking metal was the inspiration for this playlist, not all the bands I've included could be considered "Viking metal". Instead the playlist had only two requirements.

One, the song had to be about a major god from Norse mythology, and two, it had to be a heavy metal song, regardless of sub-genre.

What would you add?

Heavy Metal Songs About Norse Gods
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