Heavy Metal Playlist: Creatures Of Greek Mythology

Robert of the Radish
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My son, who is 7, recently discovered heavy metal. Needless to say, he's a fan. He says it, "makes him crazy so he can run faster in his soccer games". Well, how can any parent disagree with that? The power of the metal is strong!

Today, on the way to his last game of the season, I put on a random heavy metal playlist, so he could "run faster" during his game. The song that got him pumped up the most was "Medusa" by Anthrax. This was the championship game, and I'm proud to say that they won.

Anthrax must get at least a tiny bit of credit.

This got me thinking about how well Greek mythology and heavy metal go together. Greek mythology is filled with also sorts of freaky monsters who can lay waste to mortals in all sorts of nasty ways. And metal does basically the same thing. So in addition to Anthrax's "Medusa", I have included 10 more heavy metal songs, and each one is about a different creature from Greek mythology.

What would you add?

Heavy Metal Playlist: Creatures Of Greek Mythology

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