Heavy Metal Demonology

Robert of the Radish
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Yesterday I posted a playlist of heavy metal songs about mythological creatures. Since Halloween is right around the corner, I thought I would stick to the theme. But for this list I've gone to go straight to the power source that gives metal its dark power.

I'm talking about demons!

If you're a fan of metal music you know that the underworld is one of the genre's favorite subjects. If you're looking for songs about death, destruction, demons, horror and hell, heavy metal is the go-to guy.

This playlist includes 24 heavy metal tracks that use the name of a demon in the song title. That's 24 different demons, and these are not pop metal, or glam metal songs, these are tracks that call on the fiery power of hell to deliver a blistering and horrifying aural assault. Listening to this playlist is like having all 24 of these demons in the room with you.

I take no responsibility for your immortal soul if you choose to listen.

What would you add?

Heavy Metal Demonology

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