Heavy Metal Cyanide

Robert of the Radish
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I like to dig into the bowels of heavy metal from time to time, and nothing makes for more playlisting fun than putting metal songs together around some destructive theme. I've done a bunch of heavy metal playlists on death, Satan, horror, fire, and more. But for this playlist I'm focusing on poison, specifically cyanide.

Cyanide can be found in small amounts in apple seeds and peach pits, and some types of cyanide are deadly if as little as 1.5 milligrams of poison per kilogram of body weight are ingested. Death by cyanide can be accompanied by the skin turning blue, seizures, vertigo and difficulty breathing. It's not fun stuff.

As with most deadly things, you can find a number of heavy metal songs that fit the bill.

For this playlist I have included 10 "cyanide songs" by 10 different metal bands.


Heavy Metal Cyanide

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