A Heavy Metal Christmas

Robert of the Radish
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Heavy Metal is not a genre you think of when Christmas comes to mind. That's why a heavy metal playlist of Christmas songs was so appealing to me.

What could be better than taking sentimental, feel-good, pure as the driven snow Christmas songs, and adding a good dose of darkness and electric guitars? Okay, maybe there's a lot of stuff better, but the combination is definitely worth a playlist just to know it's been done.

This playlist includes 17 Christmas songs by heavy metal bands and clocks in at just over an hour. If Bing Crosby, Johnny Mathis, Perry Como and Nat King Cole are driving you nuts, this may be a short term solution for you.

You'll find classic 80s acts like Twisted Sister, Dokken, Queensryche, Dio and Winger alongside newer bands and comedy rockers like The Darkness and Spinal Tap.

Merry Christmas.... in hell!

A Heavy Metal Christmas
(you may need to scroll to see the whole list)

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