Hear It First: Songwriter Alex Woodard and New Found Glory's Jordan Pundik Team Up for Moving Song

Wendy Geller
The New Now

Singer/songwriter Alex Woodard realizes very well the powerful connection between storytelling and music, as he explores in his innovative new book/CD project, "For The Sender." In it, he explores real-life stories inspired by letters he came across that tell moving stories of love, life, and loss.

The book is accompanied by a set of music inspired by the stories that are related, and Woodard created a music collective with New Found Glory frontman Jordan Pundik, songwriter Jack Tempchin (the Eagles, Emmylou Harris, Glen Campbell), keyboardist Rami Jaffee (The Wallflowers, Foo Fighters), and singer Molly Jenson to write and record on the project with him.

Some of the scenarios described include that of a mother who lost her son in Sandy Hook, the relationship between an autistic child and his pet horse, and a man who watched his best friend succumb to Lou Gehrig's Disease. Yahoo Music is pleased to debut the first listen to the latter, "Never Let You Go," which features vocals from Pundik.

As Woodard himself explains to us: "'Never Let You Go' was inspired by both a letter and my own story, and reflects the true nature of 'For The Sender' more than any other song in this new project. This particular letter was written from a man named Dan, to his best friend, Frank, who died from Lou Gehrig's disease after a long and very courageous battle.

The song tells the story of how Dan lifted his weakening friend from the steel and wire of his wheelchair and carried him over the rocks to see the sunset over the lake where they had fished and laughed over the years. My own best friend is in there too, as I watch her slip away in the first verse, and the words I wanted to say but struggled to express are woven through the song."

The second installment of the project, "For the Sender: Love Is (Not a Feeling)" will be released February 25th.