The We Hate Valentine’s Day Playlist

Robert of the Radish
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February has arrived and it brings depression, loneliness and heartbreak with it. Valentine's Day is a cute and playful time for the lucky ones. (myself included -- I found my lovely wife 13 years ago), but I can still remember the pains of a broken heart. And although the memories of lost love seem so trivial today, at the time heartbreak seriously sucked. But it's true; everyone should have their heart broken at least once in their lifetime.

It builds character and forces you look closer at your potential mate the next time around.

So as we celebrate Valentine's Day this month, let's remember the sniveling masses that have been screwed over, dumped or otherwise had their hearts ripped out. I know that aying, "you'll get over it" doesn't help much, but trust me, it's true.

I've created this playlist especially for the broken-hearted. These are some of the most heartbreakingly beautiful tracks ever recorded, and they will help you take your self pity to places not previously known to mankind (or womankind).

Sometimes it's best to embrace the pain, wallow in your own emotional destruction and consume as much chocolate and alcohol as your body can take.

The We Hate Valentine’s Day Playlist

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