Harry Styles Tweets That He’s “Falling Asleep” While Taylor Swift Co-Hosts Grammy Nominations

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Stop The Presses!

By Mike Krumboltz

Between performing with One Direction, starring in awkward Pepsi commercials with Drew Brees, and fending off photographers, Harry Styles is a busy guy. No wonder he's a little tired. Styles tweeted that he was "falling asleep" during the Grammy concert.

No big whoop, except for the fact that his special lady Taylor Swift was co-hosting the concert. Harry and Taylor (known now as "Haylor" — please make a note) have gone public with their PDA, which makes Styles's declaration that he was hitting the hay while his special lady was trying to entertain millions of viewers rather shocking. And hilarious.

Styles's sleepy-time announcement was re-tweeted more than 15,000 times almost instantly. We're betting Swift wasn't one of 'em.