Harry Styles and a Mystery Girl, Sitting in a Photobooth, K-I-S-S-I-N-G

Tiffany Lee
Stop The Presses!

May the powers above keep you safe, Mystery Girl. One Direction fans have honed in on their latest target in the form of a mystery brunette who was caught kissing heartthrob Harry Styles in a photobooth for the 1D London premiere of "This Is Us."

Rumors have spread that the girl in Styles's embrace is Alexis Allen, a fan that was earlier rumored to be sidling up to the singer. Allegedly the 18 and over fan caught Styles's eye in the audience of a One Direction concert in a bikini holding a lit-up sign that said "We're Legal." If that story is true? Touché.

Furious 1D fans have also attached to a rumor that Styles was flying Allen out to Houston to see him.

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There was indeed a fan who wore that bikini and held that sign as caught in a photo during a 1D concert with what appears to be Styles looking straight at the girl. But it's unconfirmed if that is Allen, or if Styles really found her that way. Styles's representatives did however declare that there was absolutely nothing going on between the singer and Allen.

Regardless of what their relationship status is, whether she's the new love of his life, or his like, totally platonic childhood friend/distant relative, this mystery girl is certain to get an online beat down for at least the next few days.

But on to better news:

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