Hard Rock Gasoline

Robert of the Radish
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Gasoline is a powerful metaphor that's much loved in rock and roll. The reasons are obvious. Gasoline is volatile, it represents power and danger, it can explode at any moment, and it helps things go really fast. These are all things that rock & roll loves, especially rock on the harder edge of the spectrum.

There are a lot of great "gasoline" songs to choose from out there, but for this list I've chosen to limit my picks to only songs that are hard rock, not so hard that you would consider them heavy metal, but with plenty of electric guitar. I also chose to limit it only to songs with the word "gasoline" in the song title. You could easily expand the list if you added the words "gas" and "fuel", but there is something about the word "gasoline" that just sounds rawkin'.

Below are the 10 songs I have found, what would you add?

Hard Rock Gasoline

1. Gasoline - Seether

2. Black Masks & Gasoline - Rise Against

3. Gasoline - theHELL

4. Holy Gasoline - Black Sunshine

5. Gasoline - Revolver

6. Gasoline - Skillet

7. Gasoline - Audioslave

8. Blood, Guts & Gasoline - Snowblynd

9. Gasoline - Sunaglare

10. Gasoline Culture - Killers

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