“Happy” Songs

Robert of the Radish
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After doing a playlist of songs about sad songs, I thought I would reverse course and put together something a bit more upbeat.

Of course, there are millions of happy songs to choose from, which means that you could spend a lifetime doing nothing but creating "happy" song playlists. I don't have that kind of time.

The best happy songs are not just lyrically happy, but also incorporate upbeat rhythms and chord progressions that make you smile. But for this playlist, instead of sifting through millions of happy songs, I looked for songs named "Happy".  Songs with the word "happy" in the title were excluded if any other word appears, I did this mainly so I would not have to hear "Don't Worry, Be Happy" or "Shiny Happy People" again. It took me a decade to get over those songs.

Instead, you will find a rather interesting 10 song playlist that includes only "happy" songs.

What did I miss?

"Happy" Songs

1. Happy - The Rolling Stones

2. Happy - The Wrens

3. Happy - Sister Hazel

4. Happy - Brandi Carlile

5. Happy - Smokey Robinson

6. Happy - Mazzy Star

7. Happy - N.E.R.D

8. Happy - Fischerspooner

9. Happy - The Clarks

10. Happy - Lit

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