Happy Birthday, Michael Bolton! We Celebrate With Music’s Most Iconic Mullets

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We know three things for certain about the '90s:

1. Michael Bolton was the era's quintessential singer

2. The mullet (the "business in front, party in back" hair style) was the quintessential haircut

3. One man had the quintessential mullet—you guessed it, Michael Bolton!

So for his birthday 59th birthday on Sunday, February 26, our friends at Snakkle.com found the best musician mullets to pay homage to the "Mullet Maestro" himself, Michael Bolton.

Michael Bolton mullet in 1992 and today: The Grammy winning singer was born with the less mellifluous last name of "Bolotin." But with a name change, a few soft rock ballads under his belt and his infamous mullet hairstyle, Bolton was the man (and mane) that made women swoon in the 90s.

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Jon Bon Jovi mullet in 1982 and today: Before Snooki showed off her signature pouf on "Jersey Shore", Jon Bon Jovi had his own version of the go-to Garden State 'do.

Bono mullet in 1985 and today: Bono has been known to be very serious about his charitable work, but in the mid-'80s he might have been even more serious about his amazing head of rocker-chic hair.

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Billy Ray Cyrus mullet at The Grammys in 1993 and today: The same year Billy Ray Cyrus fathered this mullet, he became a dad to his little superstar Miley. Seven pounds nine ounces was the birth weight, and we're just talking about her hair!

Lionel Richie mullet in the mid-1990s and today: Lionel Richie's previous hairdo was once, twice, three times a mullet. And we loved it.

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Written by Kim Martin

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