Hanson Turns 21, Launches ‘Mmmhops’ Beer

Tiffany Lee
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Can we just take a moment to absorb this tidbit of information: Hanson turns 21-years-old this year, and to celebrate they are launching their own beer.

The beer is called "Mmmhops".

This is real.

The brothers Hanson first teased about the beer in 2011, but like the wholesome guys they've always been, they waited 'til the band was of the legal drinking age to launch the beer named after their #1 breakthrough song, 1997's "Mmmbop".

Hanson gave the booze-loving patrons at The Hangover Part III premiere first dibs on tasting the pale ale, as the raunchy summer comedy has "Mmmbop" featured in the film. But Mmmhops won't be released to the public until the trio hits the road for their ANTHEM World Tour this fall.

But Hanson's foray into brewing isn't all for beer giggles: The Oklahoma natives moved up their album release plans in the wake of the devastating tornadoes that touched down in their home state recently, and proceeds from several Mmmhops-related merchandise items will be donated to the Red Cross for disaster relief. The beer is also manufactured by Oklahoma's own Mustang Brewing Company, keeping the entire operation in the OK family.

Taylor Hanson said in a press release, "The tragedy hits close to home, especially since this community was among the first places our band performed together, including schools which were lost in the storm. We are hopeful that the proceeds we can galvanize will play a lasting role in the recovery efforts,"

Taylor continued, "We have loved bringing people together around music for the last 21 years, and 'Mmmbop' which inspired the beer's name is a song about holding onto the friends and moments that count. We want to use this opportunity to make the release of Mmmhops one of those moments".

Hold onto friends. Make moments count. Drink Mmmhops.

Hanson's sixth album ANTHEM drops June 18.

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