Guns N’ Roses: Lies, Shocking Truths, and Haircuts??!!!!

Craig Rosen
Stop The Presses! (NEW)

Judging from the pages of the U.K.'s Mail Online, there's not a whole lot happening with Guns N' Roses, save for the fact that Axl Rose has been out on the town in London with a bevy of babes and a "short and wavy" hairdo instead of his trademark "long and straight" number.

It's such big news that ol' Axl is pictured no less than seven times sporting the new look. While Axl has never been a Bowie-like chameleon of rock, he also famously wore his hair in cornrows a few years back, and there's been some debate if his hair is really still his or has he had a hair transplant, plugs, or a weave.

But enough of such trivial matters. We're here to report that Guns N' Roses has actually been quite busy, they've just been busy overseas. The band recently wrapped a series of dates in such exotic locales as Australia, Malaysia, the United Arab Emirates, and Lebanon, and Axl recently posted a note on the band's official site to thank the fans and opening acts like ZZ Top and Rose Tattoo. And the band has some festival dates in the U.S. coming up, including Rocklahoma in Pryor, Oklahoma, on May 24, River City Rockfest in San Antonio on May 26, and the Governor's Ball in New York on June 8.

If you go to one of these shows, you'll be able to see for yourself if Axl's "new" look is worth all of the fuss.

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