Guns N’ Roses, Framed

John Kordosh
Framed (NEW)

Hello, everyone, and welcome to Framed, a blog.  This week we're excited to feature Guns N' Roses, the storied Californian rockers who were once the biggest band on the planet!

And not some other planet!  Our planet!  Earth!!

It all happened in the late 1980s, after the release of their now-revered Appetite For Destruction album.  It not only hit #1, it sold over 28 million copies worldwide.


Well, GNR was off to the races, quickly following up with G N' R Lies, which hit #2, and an ambitious double-album, Use Your Illusion, which hit both #2 and #1 in the same week!  They were up to 87 million sold.

But all wasn't well in GNRville: the original band had only one more album in them, and that would be a bunch of cover songs.  Tensions between singer Axl Rose and guitarist Slash were out of hand, and Slash finally up and quit.  Eventually, in fact, everyone but Axl did, and, although GNR continued to exist, it wasn't exactly the band everyone remembers.

This week's video is "Patience," which was on G N' R Lies back in 1988.  The song is all about a girl showing, well, just a little patience with her guy... just as GNR were, ironically, running out of patience with themselves.

OK, team, wheel in the captions!

1 -- An inside look at the recording of GNR's greatest hits!  Play it again!

2 --  "I say he leaves in a petulant fit and starts a new band that goes nowhere.  What's your call?"

3 -- "How ya doin',  Mike?  You say your last name is Stand?"

4 --  Unclear on the concept, a rueful Axl discovered he couldn't "blow out the mike."

5 --  "Really, Histah?  Even though you're unable to form or articulate thoughts, you've been in Framed way more than us?"

6 -- "I'm not kidding, babe!  Nobody's thinking about the caption here."

7 -- "As you've already guessed, Charles, I'm not some cheap hooker.  I'm Wall Girl.  Now, how much do you have on you?"

8 --  "And this switch allows me to mysteriously and instantly clone myself!"

9 --  "My Rock 'n' Roll Hall of Fame acceptance speech will be the stuff of legend!"

10 --  "Seriously!  Health care for everyone in Massachusetts!"

11 --  "Can we at least agree that  I'm the only important one?  C'mon!"

12 --  "Guess I'll get back into the studio soon.  Like, maybe in a generation or so."