Great Musical Moments in Reality TV: Austin Scarlett Makes a Muppet Video

Lyndsey Parker
Reality Rocks (New)

I'm not really sure how to set this one up, except to point out the obvious fact that fashion + Muppets + reality television = all sorts of awesome.

This week, puppet fashionista Miss Piggy, most recently seen playing the plus-sized fashion editor of French Vogue in The Muppets, was the guest judge on "Project Runway Allstars"--and to celebrate, Season 1 alum and current "Allstars" contestant Austin Scarlett has made his own music video for the Kermit classic "The Rainbow Connection," which he says is "intended as a gift to all the Lovers and Dreamers of the World."

Really, if this video doesn't make you smile, just a little bit, then you're probably some earth-tone-loving sad-sack who thinks Gretchen Jones deserved to beat Mondo last year. Clearly Scarlett is the best color of the rainbow!

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