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My son made me very proud this week with a grapefruit. You see, he's in kindergarten and they are learning about spheres. The teacher asked all the students to bring in a sphere from home. He was in the group that went on the second day. He told me he wated to bring in a grapefruit. I asked him, "why a grapefruit?" He said, "my teacher is a vegetarian and that she loves grapefruit, and besides, everyone else brought in a ball."

So my son not only thought about how he could brighten someone's day, he also wanted to be unique.

This episode also reminded me of a good friend who in college learned how to say "I am a grapefruit" in 20 different languages. He still knows how, even to this day.

Pretty random, I know, but it inspired me to see if I could find 10 worthy grapefruit songs. I did find 10 songs, but not all of them are worthy, but I will leave that determination to you.

This playlist includes ten tracks that all feature the word "grapefruit" somewhere in the song title. If you are aware of any I have missed, by all means, let me know. This may be the only grapefruit playlist in existence.

Grapefruit Songs

1. Grapefruit Moon - Tom Waits

2. Grapefruit-Juicy Fruit - Jimmy Buffett

3. Grapefruit Diet - "Weird Al" Yankovic

4. Grapefruit Juice - Nate Gusakov

5. Grapefruit - Sass Dragons

6. Sunny Grapefruits - Isabella Rix

7. Pink Grapefruit - Orange Cake Mix

8. Grapefruit And A Piece Of Toast - Heidi Hepler

9. Grapefruit Pie - Jesse Rhodes

10. Grapefruits - Allen & Grier

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