Get a Taste of Culinary Beats! The Fray Gets to the "Meat" of it With Little Owl Chef Joey Campanaro!

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“The party starts in the kitchen and it usually ends in the kitchen!” That was certainly the case when Grammy-nominated rockers the Fray met up with star chef Joey Campanaro of Greenwich Village’s Little Owl restaurant, a place that really has "balls" ... critically acclaimed meatballs, that is!

Campanaro, who learned many of his Mediterranean cooking techniques from his grandmother, was happy to share his expertise (which many will recognize from his appearance on "Iron Chef America"). He led the guys -- who happily admit that besides playing music, they like to eat -- through a delectable pork chop preparation...oh yeah, and of course, those meatballs we were discussing!

The group discussed how, although they love their respective arts, they sometimes can get too attached or close to the matter; and have to step away from them in order to refresh and recharge their batteries.

That is, except when the members of the Fray encounter a record store while on tour! The band showed off their record-scouting skils at NYC's Rebel Rebel before their cooking lesson, proving that music (as well as food) indeed feeds the soul.

FInishing off a perfect meal, the Fray ended things by playing their latest single, "Love Don't Die," right there in the restaurant. The band's upcoming fourth studio album will be released February 25.