Get a Taste of Culinary Beats! MKTO Prepare Gourmet Sandwiches at NYC's Num Pang Shop

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What could be a more satisfying experience than hearing some spicy music from a hot up-and-coming pop/dance duo? Well, it's hard to beat including another element of sensory input to that: How about adding some tasty cuisine from one of the country's coolest sandwich shops currently out there?

The duo MKTO, whose pop/hip-hop hybrid sound has caught lots of attention of late (the guys are currently still garnering tons of views for their video for single "Classic," and are prepping a debut album release for next month), are not only musicians -- they're both also seasoned actors. Malcolm Kelly and Tony Oller first met in 2010 while working on Nickelodeon's series "Gigantic"; Kelly went on to become a cast member on "Lost" while Oller pursued movies (his latest being The Purge).

So, these two are definitely able to appreciate one of the most important things involved in the often-rigorous world of entertainment: Having good meals to keep them going!

That's something Ratha Chaupoly and Ben Daitz are well able to provide. The pair are owners of super-hip New York City sandwich shop Num Pang, where you can enjoy creative concotions featuring everything from tiger shrimp to pulled pork to organic tofu.

The foodies and the musicians met at an art gallery in NYC recently to get some inspiration for their respective crafts. "Music, art, food, it's all connected," explained Daitz. "It's all in us!"

After checking out some visual art, everyone traveled over to Num Pang to learn how the largely Cambodian-based sandwiches are made. "It's like adding layers to a canvas," Chaupoly explained, while Oller compared the food preparation to the writing of a song.

The final result? Both Kelly and Oller, after taking big bites of their masterpieces, could only say "WOW!"

Of course, music is a big part of any restaurant ambience, and MKTO were happy to provide their contribution by performing a stirring rendition of "Classic."

Want to get another "taste" of fun and unexpected music/dining pairings? Check back for more from Culinary Beats! We'll be running episodes through December on Yahoo Screen featuring some of the most exciting new talent out there.