Game, Text, Match: Beyoncé's "Drunk In Love" Is Better In Emojis

Tiffany Lee
Yahoo Music

Your text game is about to get schooled: Welcome to the next level of smartphone flirting. Beyoncé set everyone on fire with her sexy surfboard antics in her music video for "Drunk In Love" last December. Turns out, the shockingly explicit lyrics made for the perfect fodder for text magician Jesse Hill, who took it to an even more suggestive frontier with his unofficial emoji cover video for the song.

It's a simplistic splice of the various cartoon characters found on the emoji keyboard, but done in a way that can only be described as genius...and oh so flirty.

If there is anything we learned from this video, it's how innovative a person can get with all those seemingly innocent emojis. That surfboard emoji is about to get way more popular. But sorry, Android users: This one is just for the iPhone lotharios out there.

After just one day, the video has garnered more than 269,000 views as of this writing. From the little information we could find online, Hill has directed videos for various companies and bands, and hails from Austin, Texas.

Could more emoji videos be in the works? We can only hope. Until then, watch the original video for "Drunk In Love" below:

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