Throwback Fursday: Purrfect the Cat’s Lost ‘Voice’ Audition Resurfaces

Lyndsey Parker
Reality Rocks

"The Voice" just hasn't been the same since Purrfect the Cat left CeeLo Green's lap. Seriously, CeeLo's shaggy sidekick had her own Twitter handle, her own T-shirt line, even her own pop single. In Season 3, CeeLo tried to replace her with some boring parakeet, Ladybird. Meh.Then Usher came along in Season 4, and he had no pets at all, not even a goldfish. Boo.

Now CeeLo's back on "The Voice," but Purrfect has still been frustratingly MIA...until now. Reminding us of happier, furrier times (and hopefully indicating that Purrfect will return to the show in Season 5), NBC has at long last released Purrfect's "lost audition" tape. Clearly the camera-ready kitty had this gig in the bag the minute she curled up on that red chair, and there's no animal that can take her place. Paws up!

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