Funny Or Die Spoofs Music Fests With ‘Coachella Bootcamp’ Clip

Wendy Geller

Going to Coachella 2013? The folks at Funny Or Die want to make sure you're well-prepared for what some consider the endurance experience of all music festivals out there. To wit, they've created a video that pokes fun at everything that defines the California phenomenon.

The clip starts out with four hardy would-be foot soldiers attending "Coachella Bootcamp"--but instead of push-ups and planks, they're tested on various very important areas that all self-respecting festival attendees should be familiar with...and that real veteran Coachella attendees will no doubt find hysterical.

Musical Knowledge? "Vampire Weekend and Social Distortion are playing at the same time...who do you see?" howls the bootcamp leader--a.k.a actor Brian Huskey--while threatening electric shock treatment for the wrong answer. "That was a trick question! You're going to see WU TANG CLAN!"

Drugs? "Time to get your psychedelic sea-legs on, gentlemen!" screams Huskey, while his hapless cohorts are forced to take--well, just about everything you can remember doing in college.

Heat? The infamous 100+ degree weather of the California desert can't be left out of the equation, of course. The boys end up running through the sand wearing nothing but...well, you have to watch for yourselves.

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We're just surprised there weren't any jokes about exorbiantly priced bottles of water, fleabag Indio motels, showerless campers infiltrating pool parties with their sweaty bodies, or the phenomenon of wearing fringed vintage leather in oven-like temperatures.