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John Kordosh
Framed (NEW)

Well, we ended up watching the Grammys last week, even though we were plenty miffed about that Justin Bieber snub.

We decided to take the high road, readers.åPlus there were no basketball games on.

And, although the Grammys were spectacular in every way imaginable, we were most entertained by fun., the NYC indie combo who not only stole the show with their rain-soaked performance of "Carry On," but also won awards for Best New Artist and Song of the Year.

Yes, everything's comin' up fun.!

Deciding we should have fun. in Framed, we went over to -- Y! Music's very able video source and partner -- and figured 2009's "All The Pretty Girls" would be a winning addition to the Framed canon.

You're sure to agree that Framed continues to simply get better every week and that reading it is now #1 on your priority list!

Because why not?

Na zdrowie!

1 -- "Perhaps between the three of us we can construct a simple chord."

2 -- All the Inhalos come from Krypton!

3 -- "Prayer mat? Why would I need a prayer mat? Just make me one with everything."

4 -- "I can cut your hair, fella, but I don't have any extra socks."

5 -- "I'll bet I'd find Justin Bieber's various Grammys here, had he ever won any."

6 -- "That Radish fellow is sure to be by for ideas soon!"

7 -- "If I can stop that lightning bolt from hitting Barry Allen's lab, everything will be different!

8 -- "Hey, Jack. According to this story, the president is a Martian, and drummers are really ugly."

9 -- "Have... you... any.. wool... whoops, wool?"

10 -- "Chill man; he'll take it back! Everyone knows the Grammys were super entertaining!"

11 -- The Yankees are lookin' tough this year!

12 -- "Perhaps we should simply return to Giant Pińata World, to live among our fellow giant pińatas in peace."