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Robert of the Radish
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When I think of uniquely American imagery a lot of things come to mind. But the ultimate American image for me is a row of  houses, all set behind small green patches of grass and white picket fences, and all with large front porches -- American flags hanging proudly from each home. It's a comforting ideal; the American dream. Neighbors sitting on the porch together watching the children play, telling stories, or maybe even picking some string instruments.

And when you think of the music that might be coming from an American front porch you think of acoustic blues, bluegrass, country or maybe some folk.

Let's just call it "Americana"

For this playlist I've found ten Americana songs that all have something to do with the front porch, so you'll get both a lyrical and musical infusion of the iconic American front porch.

What would you add?

10 Songs From The Most Critically Acclaimed New Albums

1. The Front Porch Song - Robert Earl Keene

2. Front Porch - Donna The Buffalo

3. Front Porch Blues - Leigh Ann Yost

4. Front Porch to the Moon - Dennis Mcgregor

5. Front Porch - Sh*tkickers

6. My Front Porch Looking In - Country Dance Kings

7. On the Front Porch - Jon Carroll

8. Front Porch Blues - The Broke String Band

9. If The World Had A Front Porch - Tracy Lawrence

10. Front Porch Backstep - The Charles River Valley Boys

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