Four Reasons Why Snoop Dogg’s “Pocket Like It’s Hot” Is Better Than MC Hammer’s KFC Commercial

Billy Johnson, Jr.
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MC Hammer deserves props for creating the blueprint for rap stars to command lucrative endorsement deals 20 years ago when the hip-hop artists were still on the brink of becoming bonafide mainstream acts. But let's be honest, his commercials for KFC, Taco Bell and Pepsi hardly held the interest of his fans. Snoop Dogg, on the other hand, gets it right with his latest teaming with Hot Pockets. Below are four reasons why his "Pocket Like It Hot" viral video is better than Hammer's early 1990's ad campaigns.

IT'S FUNNY ON PURPOSE - Yes, Snoop Dogg, like MC Hammer circa 1992, is a larger-than-life rap persona, but in the "Pocket Like It's Hot" parody video, Snoop is not taking himself seriously. He raps, "H[o]ngry kids in the crib, ma, pocket like it's hot, pocket like it's hot." The 3-minute-and-30 second vid is one big joke. The microwavable snack is wrapped in a fur cape, turns into the dancing Herbie Hot Pockets mascot, and includes comical bars from the likes of jokester Anky Milonakis. Viewers are guaranteed to laugh with Snoop, not at him.

IT HAS ITS OWN MASCOT - Snoop Dogg makes it clear that the video is a joke by incorporating the Herbie Hot Pockets character. The life-size-breaded treat is like Kool-Aid Man 3000, pimped out in red shades, gold chains, a leopard print ensemble and a hot tub full of fly girls.

HOT POCKETS TASTE GOOD - One package of Hot Pockets might yield 300 — 700 calories, but it's worth it. Hot Pockets are nuked in the special "crisping sleeve" that allows the outer crust to brown to flaky perfection, making it taste as though it was baked in a toaster oven. Plus, the cheesy frozen sandwich comes with a variety of fillings -- pepperoni, chicken and broccoli, beef, Philly steak or ham -- way better flavors than MC Hammer's popcorn chicken dipping sauces.

WHO DOESN'T LOVE "DROP IT LIKE IT'S HOT"? - The commercial gives us yet another reason to jam to this Snoop Dogg party anthem.

I am curious, though, if Snoop's new, more mature Snoop Lion image approved of this entertaining, though trivial message.

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